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International Production Bibles

We have created production bibles for clients worldwide.  Our Bibles cover every possible aspect of your production, as well as any custom features unique to your format. Our style is written as if you the producer, were talking directly to your buyer in a friendly, informative way... though we are certain to include all the creative and technical information necessary for a successful production of your format.


"Go Ahead Bake My Day" - Production Bible - Baking Competition

WTFN Entertainment, Sydney, Australia


"LOSE & WIN" - Production Bible - Game Show

Roya TV - Amman, Jordan

"KITCHEN 50-50" - Production Bible - Cooking Competition

GoQuest Media, Mumbai, India

"SING - A - SONGWRITER" - Production Bible - Singing Competition

GoQuest Media, Mumbai, India

"CHEF IN YOUR EAR" - Production Bible - Cooking Competition

Format People - USA & Canada

"FUNNY WARRIOR" - Production Bible - Comedy Competition

Dien Quan Media, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

"FACE THE MUSIC" - Production Bible - Music Game Show

Sandy Frank Productions, USA

"DOMINATION" - International English Edit - Game Show

Keshet, Tel Aviv, Israel

"MASTERS OF DANCE" - International English Edit - Dance Competition

Keshet, Tel Aviv, Israel

"BRAINFLASH!" - Production Bible - Game SHow

NHK / NEP -  Tokyo, Japan

"LOVE IS CALLING" - Production Bible - Dating Show

Arti Productions - Istanbul, Turkey

"MY WIFE RULES"  - Production Bible - Cooking Competition

Herve Herbert - Paris, France

"HAUSA SUPERSTAR" - Production Bible - Music Competition

Startimes Production - Beijing, China

"RISING STAR" - Production Bible - Talent / Entertainment Show

Keshet Productions, Tel Aviv, Israel

"JAI HO" - Production Bible - Dance Competition

Maximum Media - Mumbai, India

"HOST WITH THE MOST" - Production Bible - Host Competition

Dien Quan Media, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


"I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE" - Production Bible - Singing Competition

CJE&M Productions, Seoul, Korea 

"FUNNY FARM" - Production Bible - Comedians Competition

Dien Quan Media, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"LOG IN TO WIN" - Production Bible - Interactive Competition

Warren Stockwell Productions, USA

"THE SNIFFER" – Production Bible – Dramatic Series – Film UA

Kiev, Ukraine


“FIZZIO" – Production Bible – Game Show – Herve Hubert, SAS

Paris, France


“THE SHOWER" – Production Bible – Talent Show – Secuoya

Madrid, Spain


“MINI-BUZZ" – Production Bible – Mobile Talk Show – Absolutely Independent

Amsterdam, Holland


“BRING 'EM BACK" – Talent Show – Global Entertainment - Istanbul, Turkey


"PREMIER" - Production Bible - Talent / Entertainment Show

Shant Television, Armenia


"KEEP YOUR LIGHT SHINING" - Production Bible - Talent / Entertainment Show

Global Entertainment, Istanbul Turkey


"SURE OR INSURE" - Production Bible - Game Show

Keshet Productions, Tel Aviv, Israel


"THE PERFECT COMBINATION" - Production Bible - Game Show

Rive Gauche Productions, USA

"6 DEGREES" - Production Bible - Episodic Dramatic Series

Stirling Television, Belfast, Northern Ireland


"STARK NAKED" - Production Bible - Reality Show, plus original stunts and games

ATM GRUPA, Warsaw, Poland


"WORD FOR WORD" - Production Bible - Game Show - including set design and electronics plot

CBS International, Solar Entertainment, RPM 9, Manila, Philippines



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