Formation Television Consultants

Fly-Away Production and On Site Consultations

Our Fly-Away Producers are available to fly away any where in the world on twenty-fours notice (with allowances made for acquiring appropriate visas). As your personal representative, we serve as your eyes and ears on the ground, reporting back to you with appropriate photos, videos and reports on a daily basis, if so desired. We have ample experience in a variety of production styles and formats and are happy to provide appropriate expertise and advice on any production situation that may arise... as well as finding a suitable, economical, and practical solution to any production problem that may arise in the final stages of your format production. 


The following is a list of clients who have utilized our Fly-Away services...



"The Singing Bee" - Manila, Philippines - The Gurin Company


"Hollywood Squares" - Mexico City, Mexico - CBS International


"Every Second Counts" - Bahrain, United Arab Emirates - CBS International


"The Singing Bee" - Reykjavik, Iceland - Zeal Television


"The Singing Bee" - Brussels, Belgium - The Gurin Company


"The Singing Bee" - Jakarta, Indonesia - Zeal Television


"Ciao Darwin" - Belgrade, Serbia - Distraction Television


"Ciao Darwin" - Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam - Distraction Television


"The Gong Show" - Jakarta, Indonesia - Sony International Television


"Wheel Of Fortune" - Vilnius, Lithuania - Paramount International


"Survivor" (Moksh) - Mumbai, India - Sony International Television